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25W Household super mute air humidifier bladeless fan
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25W Household super mute air humidifier bladeless fan

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Features: Amazing and unique 2 in 1 leafless fan humidifier. Special design and easy to clean. Improve the indoor temperature to get rid of dry and increase humidity. Negative ions purify the air, eliminate smoke, decompose odors, mold and other harmful substances. Release negative charge and activate oxygen molecules, so the body of oxygen inhaled an increase of 20% and discharged more than 15% of carbon dioxide. Moisturize skin, make the skin exquisite and smooth, more vibrant health. Keep the air fresh, eliminate fatigue and prevent air conditioning disease. Add some essential oil to make special fragrance and provide a aromatherapy effect. Serve as home decoration, beautiful and practical. Support power off automatically when the humidifier lacks water. Suitable for office, home and air conditioning room use.

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