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TENA Pants Maxi Medium 10s
Brand: TENA

TENA Pants Maxi Medium 10s

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TENA Pants Maxi MediumTENA Pants Maxi are designed for men and women with heavy to very heavy bladder leakage and are suitable for night time use. As easy to put on as normal underwear, they now feature ConfioFit to provide a thin, comfortable fit that follows the contours of the body.TENA Pants Maxi have a highly absorbent core that locks in urine even under pressure, keeping it away from skin and an odour neutraliser to reduce the effect of ammonia odour to leave you clean and fresh. A wetness indicator shows when its time to change.TENA Pants Maxi are made from an outer material that is fully breathable to allow air to circulate, preventing unnecessary dampness and are as easy to pull off as they are to pull on with tear-away side seams.TENA Pants Maxi Medium fits hip sizes 80 to 110cm.

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