20M Drain Pipe Sewer Inspection Video Camera 7
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20M Drain Pipe Sewer Inspection Video Camera 7" LCD Display

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Features: Digital video recording endoscope with 1/3 inch CCD sensor and 960TV lines, great addition to any plumber's tool sets. With a camera-tipped probe and the 7 TFT LCD color monitor, you an easily view high-definition images and videos; sun visor for clear viewing in outdoor inspections. 12pcs adjustable LED lights to illuminate the hard-to-reach inspection area. Waterproof stainless steel camera housing with flexible spring to easily go through 90 bend pipes. DVR capable, images and videos are recorded for future playback. Anti-corrosion fiberglass cable for remote probing. 4 lengths optional: 20m (65ft), 30m (98ft), 40m (130ft), 50m (164ft). Wireless remote control for convenient use. Built-in 4500mAh rechargeable lithium battery supports 7 hours continuous working after fully charged. Heavy duty padded aluminum case stores all contents, convenient to carry around. Can be used inside walls, under floors, attics, gutters and roof eves for mold and water damage. Applications: Blocked / slow draining plumbing. Wall / wire inspection. Home owners inspection.

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