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DeWalt DT99575 FlexVolt XR 305mm Mitre Saw Blade 60T

DeWalt DT99575 FlexVolt XR 305mm Mitre Saw Blade 60T

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These DEWALT FlexVolt eXtreme Runtime Blades have been specially designed for FlexVolt tools, especially the DHS780 XR FlexVolt Cordless Mitre Saw. The eXtreme Runtime design provides twice the life compared to standard construction blades. The nail tough design means they can cut through nail embedded wood. With an ultra thin kerf for smooth and fast cuts with low cutting force. Their fine grade carbide tips also help to increase blade life. These blades feature an alternate top bevel + right (ATB+R) tooth configuration for optimised cut quality and a 7° hook angle for low cutting force. Body expansion slots help to reduce vibration and noise level. Whilst the optimised face shear allows for fast cuts. This DEWALT FlexVolt XR Mitre Saw Blade has the following specification: Blade Diameter: 305mm.Bore: 30mm.Number of Teeth: 60.Grind: ATB.Blade Thickness: 1.60mm.Hook Angle: 7°.

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