Sauna & Solarium

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  1. Sienna X Tanning Drops, 20ml

    Concentrated, un-tinted tanning drops which can be added to your skincare routine allowing you to easily tailor your tan for a natural and subtle colour.
    $ 25.46
  2. Tan Truth Fast Acting Professional Spray Tan Solution 13%, 1L

    The Express Professional Tan 13% with Skin Firming Technology has been specially formulated to give the ultimate tan in just two hours. This vegan friendly
    $ 98.07
  3. Tan Truth Tanning Drops, 30ml

    A luxurious tanning concentrate formulated to enhance your skin care routine for a natural glow that is perfectly personalised every time. The exclusive
    $ 19.09
  4. Pro Tan Irresistibly Tan 250ml

    Pure tanning stimulators work the moment they glide onto your skin, delivering a fast, deep dark tan for the most irresisitbly golden glow.
    $ 17.82
  5. Pro Tan Incredibly Black 12 Sachets

    Get a deeper, darker tan with Pro Tan Incredibly Black. It boasts a ten times bronzing blend, harmoniously infused with advanced tanning accelerators,
    $ 33.10
  6. Sienna X Professional Tanning Solution 16% 1 Litre
    - 23% sale

    Sienna X Professional Tanning Solution 16% 1 Litre

    Perfect for darker complexions and skin that suntans quickly. Some clients may require a very dark spray tanning solution, and for those occasions we offer

    $ 160.37

    $ 123.48

  7. Tan Truth The Professional Spray Tan Solution 13%, 1L

    The Professional 13% spray tan solution with Skin Firming Technology is specially formulated with our Prolong & Protect Tanning Agent to optimise results.
    $ 92.98
  8. Sienna X Clear Spray Tan Solution 500ml

    Sienna X The Sienna X Clear Tan is unlike any other solution. This innovative new spray tan sprays on clear, so clients leave without an instant colour
    $ 39.66
  9. Sienna X Sleep Q10 Tinted Self Tan Mist 200ml

    For the best tanning mist on the market, look no further than the easy-to-apply spray tan in a can . Infused with the anti-ageing ingredient Q10, the
    $ 25.46
  10. Tan Truth The Professional Barrier Cream, 250ml

    The Professional Barrier Cream creates an invisible barrier to protect problem areas that are prone to staining, such as the palms of hands and soles of
    $ 9.41
  11. Tantruth Self Tan Mousse 200ml

    This translucent, lightweight self-tanning mousse smooths effortlessly onto skin for a natural, golden tan with no colour guide to ensure zero transfer
    $ 21.64
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