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  1. Sienna X Clear Spray Tan Solution 500ml

    Sienna X The Sienna X Clear Tan is unlike any other solution. This innovative new spray tan sprays on clear, so clients leave without an instant colour
    $ 39.20
  2. Sienna X Sleep Q10 Tinted Self Tan Mist 200ml

    For the best tanning mist on the market, look no further than the easy-to-apply spray tan in a can . Infused with the anti-ageing ingredient Q10, the
    $ 25.17
  3. Tan Truth The Professional Barrier Cream, 250ml

    The Professional Barrier Cream creates an invisible barrier to protect problem areas that are prone to staining, such as the palms of hands and soles of
    $ 9.30
  4. Tantruth Self Tan Mousse 200ml

    This translucent, lightweight self-tanning mousse smooths effortlessly onto skin for a natural, golden tan with no colour guide to ensure zero transfer
    $ 21.39
  5. Tan Truth Instant Wash-off Tanning Gel, 200ml

    For an instant golden tan, the Instant Wash-Off Tanning Gel infused with Skin Firming Technology creates the perfect sunkissed colour - in an instant!
    $ 9.43
  6. Salon Services Shower Caps Pack of 50
    - 25% sale

    Salon Services Shower Caps Pack of 50

    These disposable shower caps from Salon Services are perfect for protecting the hair during tanning, facial treatments and showering. With an elasticated

    $ 17.28

    $ 12.97

  7. Sienna X Illuminating Mist, 100ml

    Ideal for the face and body, the Sienna X Illuminating Mist instantly brightens skin making it perfect to use after tanning or to enhance natural skin.
    $ 18.87
  8. Sienna X Dual Tan Removal Oil and Mitt, 200ml
    - 19% sale

    Sienna X Dual Tan Removal Oil and Mitt, 200ml

    A highly effective, intense treatment for correcting tan application mistakes and removing stubborn built up tan. Formulated with Aloe Vera for added moisture

    $ 31.07

    $ 25.17

  9. Sienna X 1 Hour Self Tan Tinted Mist 200ml

    Sienna X Tailor your tan for any occasion; the beauty of this product is it allows you to tailor your own tan based on your natural skin type and desired
    $ 27.70
  10. Velvotan Self Tan Mitt

    The Velvotan Self Tan Mitt is easy to use and designed to give a streak-free, natural finish. The waterproof barrier on this mitt prevents staining of
    $ 3.76
  11. WHITE to BROWN Self Tanning Lotion Dark 250ml
    - 43% sale

    WHITE to BROWN Self Tanning Lotion Dark 250ml

    WHITE to BROWN's Self Tanning Lotion Dark is a rich smooth cream that gives your skin a deep, long lasting tan that develops within hours of application

    $ 37.53

    $ 21.39

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